Meaning of DEEN:

Deen is an Arabic word with three general senses: judgment, custom, and religion. It is used by both Arab Muslims and Christians. In Islam, the word refers to the way of life Muslims must adopt to comply with divine law, encompassing beliefs, character and deeds.

Meaning of DUNYA:

Dunyā is a word in Arabic which means the temporary world—and its earthly concerns and possessions—as opposed to the eternal spiritual realm, or the hereafter. Dunyā literally means ‘closer’ or ‘lower’


It all started in 2013 when the term Deen over Dunya became a popular slogan and meme amongst Muslims striving to better themselves in their Deen (Faith) whilst refraining for temporary worldly desires (Dunya) which are prohibited in Islam. Such as, consuming Haram food, backbiting, slander, ill treatment, lying, cheating and so on. In this day and age it is very difficult to avoid these things.
Faith is what makes us better Muslims and part of our faith is to be the best to our Muslim brothers and sister, Friends, family, neighbours, and non-Muslims! Islam teaches us to respect people from all faiths. This is why we welcome people from all faiths, religions and cultures into our store.

We first started selling online in 2014 through social media. Our vision to open a retail store started from our first post in 2014!

Our development and passion to open a retail store continued for over a year sourcing the finest halal herbal foods, the best quality modest garments and the highest quality of Halal perfumes, with hard work and Faith we opened our doors to the public in 2015.

We are now the Official Deen & Dunya Store situated in the heart of Glasgow, Scotland.
Established in 2015 our goal is to provide the best quality Islamic goods to the local community and the world!

Our goal is to help Muslims better practice their Deen through Islamic products.

Through our continuous growth we now provide a range of products which include:
Books, Modest Clothing, Hajj & Umrah resources, Herbal + Health Products, Perfumes and much more.